Slow Fast Food

we eat what we are

ARTICHOKE RAVIOLI WITH GRILLED TOMATOES // Ooooo this is soooo delicious! Fry 2 garliccloves in ca 1/2 dl good oliveoil. Add some drops of spicy peperoncino-oil…Throw away the garlics and cut the plum-tomatoes in halves, put them in the plate and pour the oil over them. Salt & pepper. Grill them in the oven ca 20 min 220 °. Fix the pasta (fresh not homemade though) and put the grilled tomatoes + the oil on top! Add some fresh basil.

CURRYBAKED SALMONTERRINE WITH SMÖGEN-SHRIMPS, SUGARSNAP SALAD AND CUCUMBERS.// That was good, but a little heavy for lunch! The breadcrubs on top of the fish was really fluffy, wonder how they made that….but why do swedes eat so much potatoes all the time? @ B.A.R in Stockholm.

FRESH ARTICHOKE. //Just boil it in salted water ca 20 minutes. Eat slowly it with butter or oliveoil.

OVENBAKED SALMON WITH A GREEN SALAD AND GRILLED TOMATOES. // I made a really quick sourcream/ grated lemon peel / salt / pepper / fresh chives (from my balcony!) some dill and parsley- sauce, put it on top of 2 fresh salmon fillets and then in the oven 220 ° ca 15 minutes. Tomates slized in 2 and put in the oven too, fresh green salad with smoked-sesame-oil-vinaigrette some sesame seeds and a lot of lemon juice…

SOYBEAN SALAD // This is a really good and easy little recipe! Make a vinaigrette out of a good oliveoil, 1/2 squeezed lemon, a garlic-clove, salt, pepper and a lot of fresh parsley. Stir and add a can of washed soybeans. Let it rest in the fridge for a while. Take away the garlic and voila!

"TOFU BURGER" // I tried to imitate the supergreat tofuburger I got at FRESHNESS BURGER in Tokyo. It was hard, but I almost made it. Got some great fresh organic tofu and brushed it lightly with some smoked sesame oil on both sides. Then I put it on the grill for ca 5 minutes. The salsa is made of (yeah I know it sounds grose) a little bit of ketchup, a little bit of sweet chinese soy sauce and some drops of smoked sesame oil. Really good vegan BBQ feeling! The guacamole is just one mature avocado, some fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper and all mashed together…

Homemade pasta // BUCATINI CACIO & PEPE. When we miss Italy a little we get some really good pecorino cheese and bucatini pasta (spaghetti with holes in)  and make this superquick dish.

Macrobiotic vegan lunch @ ISETAN department store, Shinjuku, Tokyo. A lot of good veggies! It was a veggie burger and the rest is pretty clear from the pictures. :  )

Okonomiyaki (OSAKA PANCAKES) with shrimps in a restuarant at the 2nd floor in Roppongi, Tokyo.